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5 Awesome Ways A Professional Website Will Grow Your Business

1. A professional website will grow your business faster than doing it yourself

The first and most obvious reason for this is you aren’t spending precious time creating a website from scratch. A professional website will start you off with everything you need built in. You won’t have to figure out on your own how to put up a GDPR statement or build an e-commerce store. It will increase your online presence automatically. It just may be the first thing a customer sees after doing a general online search. They will stumble onto your site and see how professional it is, making your product or service a much faster sell to someone who is already looking for what you offer.

Let’s face it — we aren’t all code geniuses and web designers Do you want to spend your free time learning how to complete code injection for widgets? Or do you want to spend your time on marketing a professional-looking website to grow sales? Your business website is your calling card. You want it to look good, be free of typos, and function well to your clients. It has to get your message across.

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole of endless widgets and DIY-coding. When you try to build your site on your own, you become a weekend warrior or hobbyist. A professional website will be ready for your customers on the backend. Do you know how to back up your website? Are you aware of how long it takes your content to load for your customers? Hiring someone to deal with this stuff from the start will have your site set up properly for you and your customers. Spend your time on what you’re good at and what matters — which is running your business.

2. A professional website will help you grow your business through branding

Unless you’re a whiz at creating graphics and mixing fonts, do not try this at home. There are always free templates available at all the major website builders, but then your site looks like a lot of other sites. A professional website will match your brand in colors, fonts, photos, and graphics. You can carry this image over to your Instagram, Pinterest, and other social verticals.

A professional website will be built specifically to what your business needs and therefore be your lead generator. In a time when everyone is talking about sales funnels, you can build one into your website from the very beginning. A professional website should have an email newsletter sign-up in the least — and a full-on sales funnel at most. As you build that list, you’ll be building not just customers but fans. You’ll also be moving them through your funnel to create paying customers.

3. A professional website will help grow your business through social media

A professional website will embed your social media profiles all over your site. Imagine writing that killer blog post with a built-in Pinterest sharing widget that makes it easy for customers to share your content. Then, imagine your customers finding you because your social media accounts lead them back to your site.

4. A professional website will help you create content to serve your customers

Use your website to create awareness around events, sales, and blog posts that reinforce your brand. Creating content will attract attention, page views, and customers. Those clients will see you through the lens of the authority you create in your field through a professional website that has all of the above things. Your content can become part of your funnel. You could give away free content at the beginning of your funnel to pull customers closer to your great offer. But they won’t find that offer without a professional website! Which leads to a final point…

5. A professional website helps grow your business by building unspoken trust

From the moment your customers land on your site, their trust in you begins to be built based on what they see online. Your professional site will show them you are worth their trust.

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