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Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to My Website

When it comes to websites, people are often under the illusion that merely having a website is enough to bring in traffic and catch peoples’ attention. This could not be any further from the truth, as making your website a hub for regular traffic is a far complex game. Like no one attends parties that they aren’t invited to, people on the internet do not visit websites if you do not give them a reason to visit them. Making your website attractive should be your number one goal if you want people to visit and interact on it. So, the question that thousands of people, especially businessmen, ask is, “how can I make my website better or attractive?” Well, this is what we will discuss in this post.

Building a website can be extremely time-consuming. Some websites take hours while others take days in completion. However, you still can gauge the number of visits on your website while it is developing. You can increase footfall by ten folds by making certain tweaks and changes to make sure that people visit your website. Mentioned below are some reasons why people do not visit your website and what you can do to change it.

1. You Do Not Blog

Information and entertainment are two big reasons why people visit the internet. If your website lacks these, expect very few people to visit it. Blogs are a great source of providing information to the public. They discuss different topics with details that sometimes are hard to find elsewhere. It has become more relevant than ever in the modern age as people seek different blogs to add to their skill set or general knowledge. Websites that do not have blogs these days lack depth, which is why people do not give them a second thought before avoiding them. Therefore, you should take some time to evaluate your brand or product and start working on relevant blogs. Your blog will not only grab the attention of people but increase the value of your brand as well.

According to various studies, companies that post 7 to 8 blogs per month have seen an increase of 750 to 800 visits per month. Additionally, you can also use blogging as a mechanism to increase your websites’ index pages. Once the index page count reaches or exceeds 300, traffic generation increases monumentally.

2. Your Site Is Slow and Takes Time to Load

Three seconds is all it takes to win over your prospects. Anything more than that and you might lose their attention. We live in a fast-paced world where people value every second of their time. A difference of seconds in a slow website can amount to minutes when you surf on it for a long time. No one wants to waste that valuable time, which is why people start looking for a faster alternative that yields better results. It is crucial that you focus on improving the loading speed of your website, as anything above 3 seconds will prompt your prospect to lean towards your competitors. It is the small details that make all the difference in business and loading speed is one of them.

3. Your Websites’ Design Is Not Professional

As mentioned earlier, attention to detail can take you a long way with your website. The design of the website is as important as any other of its aspects. Acquiring the service of an experienced developer, in this case, would be helpful for the cause of your website. Choose a color scheme and template that goes well with your brand or business. Once you are done with that, focus on the functionality of the website. A common business several people make with their websites is that they only view it on their laptops or computers.

It should be abundantly clear by now that computers aren’t the only medium people use to access websites, there are other gadgets like tablets, mobile phones, smart watches, etc. as well. Making the website user-friendly across all platforms will help you to retain your customers and bring in new ones as well. Mobile optimization is becoming common with each passing day, and you should make sure that you follow it as well to increase your websites’ traffic.

4. You Have Not Promoted Your Website Properly

Social media is a great platform that you can take advantage of for promoting your website. There are several social media platforms out there, which means that you can target a wide audience by creating attractive designs and posters that educate people about your brand and website. Always remember that promotion, be it on social media, word of mouth, or outdoor advertising is not a one and done deal. You need to be persistent and post regular content to retain everyone’s interest and inform new people about your website or brand. You can also ask other pages on platforms such as Face book to promote your website. Always go for pages that have a high number of audiences.

You can also take advantage of paid online advertising in the form of Facebook ads or Google Adwords. You’ll need some money for these platforms, but they are a surefire way of generating a large number of visitors to your website.

5. Lack of SEO Optimized Pictures and Images

Having a website without proper SEO is like having a house without a solid foundation. No matter how big your brand is, it will fail to bring in online prospects without Search Engine Optimization. With the right SEO strategy, you will be able to connect with people who are searching your brand online, which will help them possibly convert into clients. Proper keyword placement is the trick that will make your website appear higher on search engines. Choose at least 5 keywords and make them specific. Creating catchy Meta description for your posts will also take your website a long way.

Similarly, not posting enough pictures on your websites is also unwise. Think of images as decoration for catching your customer’s eye. Add descriptions and proper tags with images for search engine crawlers to recognize them. Make sure that you use the right format for your images otherwise it will do nothing but detract the look of your website.

Final Verdict

Getting people to visit your website does not require a magic formula. There are tried and tested methods that you can adopt to run your website successfully while increasing its traffic. There are several other methods besides the ones that are mentioned above for increasing a websites’ traffic. You have to make sure that your website design is appealing and easy-to-navigate at the same time. Additionally, it has to follow the latest website design trends to look fresh and relevant.

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